Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why doesnít the program install or run?

Make sure you are logged in as "Administrator" or as a user that has full rights to install programs.
Check the system requirements. Discover Armenian requires at least 1 GB of free space on your hard drive, at least 64 RAM (performs better with 128+), Windows 98/NT or newer operating system, Pentium 1 (performs better with Pentium 2 or new processor, 233 Mhz or more).

2. Why is the installation so slow?

Discover Armenian installation package is a zipped, self-extracting file. Discover Armenian runs directly from your hard drive without annoying disk-swapping or the need for a CD, making it ideal for travel or installation on lap tops with external CDs. Since it installs the entire program on your hard drive, it may take 10-30 minutes to install fully, depending upon processor speed and the Windows version. Please be patient. Once installed it runs more efficiently than from a CD.

3. Why canít I see Armenian fonts?

Check to make sure that VerdanaWCLS and Arial Armenian have been installed on your System/Fonts folder. Both are located in the Discover Armenian directory on your hard drive.
Also check to make sure that Armenian language support is enabled under the Regional Settings in the Control Panel.

4. How do I increase or decrease the sound level?

If there is no sound, check to make sure that your speakers are properly connected to the computer. Also check the volume controls on your speakers, in the Start/Control Panel folder, or through the audio icon on the lower right corner of your screen. You can adjust the sound volume using the dial on your speakers, the volume level control on your computer's control panel, and the Discover Armenian volume level adjuster under the Help Menu. You can also turn off the sound in the conversation section, by clicking the no sound button.

5. How do I print flashcards?

Open the .pdf files from Start/Program Menu/Discover Armenian. The flashcards are formatted for 8 Ĺ by 11 paper. They should be printed out back to back. Follow your printer instructions for printing back to back.

6. How do I hear the sounds of the alphabet on the alphabet panel?

In the Basic Course Units, there is an alphabet panel on the left side of the screen. Use the alphabet panel as a quick reference for both the shapes and sounds of the alphabet. To hear the name of the letter of the alphabet, click twice on the letter.

7. Why canít I see the menus?

Check to the resolution settings on your screen, accessible either through the Control Panel, or by right clicking on the desktop and selecting Properties. If the resolution is too low, the program window margins may not display properly. Increase the resolution and more of the window should be display.